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Ideas for travelling with your little one in the holidays

Summer is here and many families are preparing for the holiday season. Although we might not be travelling as far these days, long car trips can often be stressful for adults and children alike. Try these simple ideas to take some of the stress out of the drive:

  1. In preparation for the trip, talk to your child about what will be happening, where you are going, how long it will take and the different things you will see and do.

  2. Visit your local library and borrow a selection of picture books for your child to look at in the car. If you going to the beach, see if you can find books about water or the beach. You can chat with your child about how you are going to be swimming or making sandcastles just like the pictures in the book.

  3. It you don’t have much room, try downloading copies of our Stories for Little Queenslanders books. The best part? You don’t have to return them! Alternatively, try downloading some audio books from your library.

  4. Use the First 5 Forever voice activated app for book suggestions or to play nursery rhymes while you travel. You'll even get to hear the voice of our favourite frog, Errol!

  5. Put together a simple travel activity pack to keep your child busy in the back seat. This could include a clip board with paper, crayons, stickers and a favourite toy - there's a variety of options to keep your child interested.

  6. Play simple games that encourage your little one to look out the window, like 'spot the red car' or 'I spy'. You’ll be surprised how quickly your little one will be able to spot the different coloured cars and trucks.

  7. Look up the route of where you are going and show your child how far you’ve travelled. You can talk about how many more kilometres you need to travel or many minutes or hours to go. Talk about the road signs that you see and explain the number tell you how fast you can drive or where you need to turn.

  8. Sing nursery rhymes as you drive or make up silly songs about the trip. Your child will not only learn new words, but will find the funny words hilarious.

Remember to talk, read sing and play - even on holidays. Safe travels!

Holiday book suggestions

  • Where the Forest Meets the Sea by Jeanie Baker

  • There’s a Sea in My Bedroom by Margaret Wild

  • Noni the Pony Goes to the Beach by Alison Lester

  • Are We There Yet? by Alison Lester

  • A Trip to the Beach by Gwyn Perkins

  • An Amazing Australian Road Trip by Jackie Hosking

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