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By ParentTV on 28 May 2018

I can’t even begin to count the amount of what the actual moments I have had as a parent.

One of the hardest things about being a parent is that you have never done it before and kind of have no idea what you are doing. For me the internet was a godsend as it enabled me to research my concerns and ask questions of other parents.

The thing I have learnt though is that nothing really helped me quite like going to the people who actually knew what they were doing (GP’s, psychologists, paediatricians) and getting their guidance.

Being in the position I was in and running a large parenting Facebook community I had an idea about bringing together all of the amazing research based parenting educators I had met along the way.  Imagine them all in the one place giving you life changing help in 2-5 minute videos streamed on demand right when you need them … and so we bring you ParentTV.

📷It’s essentially Netflix for parenting resources with a whole lot of magic thrown in.

This website had brought together some of the leading parenting educators and health professionals from all over the world all in the one place.  Paediatricians, psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Autism specialists, dieticians, sleep consultants, psychiatrists, behaviour therapists, social workers to name a few.

📷These educators don’t just teach they are working in it every day with parents and are on the cold face of what is happening out there.

How ParentTV is changing lives is it’s giving parents the information they need right in the moment they need it at the click of a button.

When you sign up to ParentTV you create profiles for each of your kids with their age, gender and any concerns you have.  The website then gives you specific information for each of your children right where they are at now.  As the years go on it knows that your children are getting older so it evolves with you and your kids to always stay relevant.

📷You are also able to create profiles for the parents as well and select things like single parenting, coparenting or married and you will get content specifically for your own personal parenting situation.

📷You are also able to search any other content on the platform and it’s all laid out in a really easy to find way.

ParentTV is a membership site however the Centre pays for you to access the content (just ask at reception for the code).  This model is actually a relief for me as what it means is there is no advertising ever, no product endorsements or placements and the core mission of ParentTV is you and to deliver you the best parents help and advice possible.

Each month new experts are added and the website is getting new content all of the time.  You can even write in and “Ask An Expert” a question you have that you need answered and be lucky enough to get that answered to you via a video that month.

ParentTV has changed my life and I don’t say that in a cheesy kind of way.  The content and help is next level to anything you can find on the internet.  I have more time on my hands because I am not spending hours trying to find worthwhile content and help online and I’m a better parent because I understand so much more what is going on for my kids and what to do about it.

If you are looking to reduce your stress as a parent, connect more with your kids and know what to do in those moments it all seems like too much then I highly recommend checking out ParentTV.

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