Our Centre's educational development programs are based on the individual needs of children and their families, and reflects the emotional, social, cognitive and physical development of all children.


Our Kindergarten and Pre-school programs follow a play-based curriculum link which allows for learning in a variety of ways including real-life situations, investigations, focused learning situations and problem solving. We believe that young children are naturally programed to learn socially, intellectually, emotionally and physically through play.


We believe that learning should be fun and meaningful. We offer our children an enriched environment in which to play so they can initiate and maintain their own learning.


We are constantly reviewing our programs, to ensure that our children are receiving the the highest quality education and care possible.

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Our Toddler classroom can cater for children from 15 months to 3 years. Teaching routine to Toddlers will help them develop a sense of security in their world. The program in the Toddler room provides: Repetitive play as this is how they learn best. Toilet Training through positive encouragement. A healthy balance between outdoor and indoor, quiet and active and individual and group activities. Regular meal and rest times are there to support their individual routine. As young children gain more independence, emphasis is placed on developing social skills such as sharing and co-operation with others, and development of imagination through creative play.


It is at this stage that communication develops rapidly and our programs are designed to achieve the best results for children in this area. Good foundations are everything.



When I wake up in the morning my Mum and Dad tell me that I am going to our early learning centre. I become excited and say my teachers names. When I arrive at the centre. I am greeted by a teacher - most of the time it is one of my teachers. My Mum and Dad talk to my teacher and tell them how I have been at home. My parents listened as my teachers talk to them about what we are going to do today. I become very excited and can't wait to get down and play with my friends in the yard.


Once my parents have gone I get a big cuddle and reassurance that Mum and Dad will be back later to pick me up. While I am in the room the staff talk, play and interact with me. They are aware of my likes and dislikes, interests and needs. During the day I am learning how to interact with my peers, through various activities. I am also developing my fine and gross motor skills. Just before we have lunch we practice our self help skills by getting by getting our own sheets to make our bed. We then learn some new songs and practice old songs. This helps with my language development.


Meal times are always fun as we all get to sit down at the table and practice our language skills as well as out manners - saying "ta"' and "please", After lunch, I have a chance to sleep. I really enjoy this as my body gets a chance to relax and by the time I wake up, I am ready to learn more.

When my parents come to pick me up they are able to read what I did today and how I slept and ate. I can't wait to come again!


This group implements a full, high quality Kindy program aimed at introducing the children to basic numeracy and literacy skills as well as creativity, social and physical development.

Emphasis is placed on developing confidence to try new skills, discover science, and learn about the wider community around us.


When I arrive Mum or Dad help me put my bag in my classroom and to put on some sunscreen. We then go outside and say hello to my friends and teachers. When we are outside we have lots to do. We have a fort for climbing and my teachers set up other activities. After we run around and have lots of fun with the little children we go inside our Kindy room.

When we are inside one of my teachers will talk to me and my friends about the day of the week and the weather. After we hear about the weather its time for morning tea, we go and wash our hands and get to choose what fruit we want to eat. After morning tea we get to play, we always have books to read, drawing, puzzles and home corner but our teachers also put out special activities for us and sometimes we even get to do cooking or make play-dough. After we have had lots of fun inside we get to have some time with one of our teachers while the other teacher prepares lunch and our beds for us. When our stories are finished we go and make our beds and wash our hands for lunch. We get lots of nice food for lunch that is cooked for us in the kitchen. After we finish lunch it's time to have a rest. We listen to soft music and have a sleep or rest for about 2 hours. When we wake up we have some quiet activity time to let us wake up in our own time.

When we are all awake we have some afternoon tea and get ready for some outside time. We now play outside with all the rooms again until we get picked up to go home.


We provide a high quality learning environment for children to complement and enhance their early primary years. Care is offered for children aged 6 to 12 years, outside school hours, excluding weekends. We give emphasis to the development of skills necessary for their present and future educational needs.

Programs are specifically designed to ensure that all children are challenged to achieve, in all areas of learning. These programs predominately focus on age appropriate, creative play activities.

A wide variety of choices are provided for children, attending our Before and After School programs, aiming to extend children's social development and allowing them to build friendships in a secure environment. Activities may included outdoor games, sports, reading, and home activities such as cooking. Children may also do homework for a short period of time.

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