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25 Things to do in Social Isolation

by Nature Play

1. Camp out overnight in your own backyard! Pitch a tent or sleep under the stars. 2. Start a nature journal - sketch or paint leaves, fungi, flowers or other nature finds. 3. Collect leaves and make a nature crown or necklace. Pointy leaves are perfect! 4. Try star gazing - what's the first star you see in the night sky? How many can you count? 5. Make a "campsite" in your backyard with a cubby (try and make it waterproof) and pretend campfire. 6. Get on your bikes or scooters and head out for a family ride, around your neighbourhood. 7. Plant out the vege patch with seasonal vegetables. 8. Go on a photo safari. Choose a subject (or colour scheme) and see what you can "capture". 9. Go geocaching around your neighbourhood ! if you've never tried a digital treasure hunt before, visit the "Things To Do - Geocaching" section of our website ( 10. We're going on a bear hunt! Place a teddy in your front window so passersby can see them. How many can you see in your neighbourhood? 11. Get artistic with sidewalk chalk. Draw a hopscotch or rainbow on the footpath outside your house! 12. Use a notebook to press nature treasures. Collect leaves or flowers, and write notes to remind you of when and where you found them. 13. Discover more fun ways to play outdoors. Download the Nature Play WA app to get started. 14. Break out the card & board games. Snakes & Ladders, Monopoly, UNO and Pictionary: let's play! 15. Learn a new skill. Who in your family can teach you how to knit, sew, bake, garden or build? 16. Go on a bug hunt! What creepy crawlies can you find in your very own back yard? 17. Create a "boho" picnic experience in your backyard - use couch cushions and floor rugs, with bedsheets hung off your swing set as a canopy. 18. Learn how to service your scooter or bike. Check for damage, punctures & give it a good clean. 19. Create a living tepee. Fasten together sticks or bamboo & plant a climber (peas or beans). 20. Cook on backyard fire pit. Snags in a frypan or toast on a toasting fork. And who can forget the toasted marshmallows? (Check for fire bans first!). 21. Go on a family bushwalk. Check the "Things To Do - Hiking" section on our website ( for trails. Be sure to check for any park closures before you go. 22. Write a letter. Find out your friends' addresses, write to them, or send a picture you've drawn. 23. Try cloud watching. Can you see animals or shapes? Tell a story about them as they float across the sky. 24. Cook together. Make jam or preserves using seasonal fruit. Design your own label for your jam. 25. Try mindfulness. Choose a spot outside to spend 5-10 minutes each day. What sights & sounds do you experience? Do the change from day to day?

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