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ABC launches new digital station, ABC KIDS listen.

Updated: Jun 27

Dedicated kids digital radio station and app for preschoolers and their families, ABC KIDS listen, has launched.

The station, which aims to enhance learning and imagination, provides children ages 0-5 and their families with a space to access trusted, educational and entertaining audio programs that feature music and stories from ABC KIDS characters.

ABC KIDS listen is aligned with the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia, the national early childhood curriculum for childhood educators, that encourages children to learn through play.

The new station aims to enhance learning, imagination, cognitive and physical activity, creativity and family experiences, which will assist parents and caregivers to bridge the gap between home and child-care.

Available through DAB+ radios and a live radio stream online, families can enjoy fourteen regular weekly audio programs from 6:00am every day.

The programs are themed and designed to suit a child’s daily routine, encouraging children to explore, learn, play, and later wind down, rest, and sleep.

Highlights include daily news for preschoolers, produced by Behind the News, covering important issues of the day such as a rocket launching a car to orbit around the sun, and is it a sunny day to play?

Throughout the day, children will hear ABC presenters such as Kumi Taguchi, introducing words in languages such as Japanese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Hindi and Spanish.

Listeners can select programs on demand to suit their child’s changing needs. Listeners can also download a full program within the ABC KIDS listen app allowing families seven days to listen to their selected program anytime and anywhere without an internet connection.

Stephanie Carrick, Manager of ABC KIDS listen said: 'Programs on ABC KIDS listen are carefully crafted to activate the brain and body, and align to key principles of the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia. Our child focused music programming creates a harmonious soundtrack that is soothing to the ears of parents too.'

Angela Stengel, Head of Content Ideas Lab overseeing ABC KIDS listen said: 'We trialled the radio station and app in homes and early education centres and were overwhelmed by the positive feedback from parents and educators who were genuinely surprised and delighted that ABC KIDS listen increased independent play time, helped children concentrate, and assisted children in winding down.'

ABC KIDS listen is available on DAB+ radios (scan for the station named ABC KIDS listen), to stream at, or by downloading the app free on the Apple App Store and Google Play

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