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Ideas for outside play

Looking for some new ideas when you are playing outside? Try these tips.

On the swing

Try standing in front of your child when you push them on the swing. By pushing from the front, you see the joy in your child’s face as they move back and forth. Most importantly, you can engage, interact and create conversations – they may be just sounds to begin with, but can quickly turn into exciting adventures.

Try holding the swing and saying, “Ready, set….. pause!" What does your child do or say? You can ask if they want to be pushed higher, slower, faster or with a little wobble. All these words are little conversations that contribute to shared joy that boosts your child’s learning and expands their vocabulary.

Have a reading picnic

Spread out a picnic blanket or beach towel, find a park bench, or plonk yourselves down in a camping chair. Being out in nature has a grounding effect and you can share books, anywhere, anytime.

Observe the world around you

See what fun you can make with water, sand, or dirt. Collect sticks and leaves or lie on the ground and look up at the clouds in the sky. What shapes can you see?

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