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National Quality Standard

Updated: Apr 28

The NQF sets a high National Quality Standard (NQS) to encourage services to continually improve their programs and practices. Services are assessed and rated against the seven quality areas of the NQS:

  • 1 Educational program and practice Your child is supported to participate in play and learning

  • 2 Children’s health and safety Your child is protected from illness and hazards

  • 3 Physical environment Your child plays in a safe and well maintained environment

  • 4 Staffing arrangements There are enough qualified staff to give your child the attention they need

  • 5 Relationships with children Your child is made to feel supported and welcomed

  • 6 Collaborative partnerships with families and communities Local community involvement and respect for the beliefs and values of families

  • 7 Governance and leadership Your child is cared for in a positive and well managed environment

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