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Why children like repetition

Repetition is good for children because it provides the practice that they need to master new skills. Repetition helps to improve speed, increases confidence, and strengthens the connections in the brain that help children learn.

In the past month you may have felt like you’ve run out of picture books and have been sharing the same book repeatedly with your little one. Although this might be driving you crazy, repetition is how children learn.

Doing something multiple times allows children the opportunity to master new skills as well as building their confidence. Each time you read the same story; your child is learning something new. They might discover a new word, hear a new sound or notice a different picture. Or they simply might feel nurtured and loved, as the two of you curl up together to share a story.

That’s why some children will always ask for the same story again and again. They’re enjoying the feeling of confidence that they know this book, plus they’re getting more out of it every time.

Repetition supports the development of important skills that will help your child build a positive attitude around words and books, especially when it’s their turn to tackle the skill of reading.

Each time you read the same book try focusing on something different,

· Ask your little one to help you tell the story just by using the pictures

· Look at the pictures and see if you can find interesting objects in the background, hidden animals or simply choose your favourite picture

· Focus on the words, pick a few that are unusual and talk about the meaning with your child

· Make up silly rhymes using the words in the book or use different voices each time

· Look at the front cover and talk about the title of the book or the author and illustrator

So, the next time your child asks you to read their favourite book again, think about how you’re helping them to become a lifelong learner.

15 May 2020 | written by State Library of Queensland

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